Frankenmuth Brewery Wedding


September 25, 2015

The Cass River created a relaxing sound as Kristen and Brian dressed into their wedding day attire. Before Kristen put her dress on, a letter from Brian was found in the room. No one else will know what was written, but joy filled her as she read the words. Brian waited for her at the altar outside of Michigan’s oldest and most historical brewery, the Frankenmuth Brewery. They participated in a sand-pouring tradition, a symbol of their lives becoming one, forever. The brewery stood behind them and their loved ones. 

Inside, the walls of bricks glowed as the chandeliers’ light emanated. The large windows overlooked the river and gave the bridal party and guests a feeling of togetherness. The first-class craft beer poured and the people let their joy flow. 

Kristen and Brian were married on September 25th, 2015.

Photographer: OC Event Photos
Videographer: OC Wedding Videos
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